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Professional Portfolio Critique

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Let's face it: you're too close to your portfolio.

I mean, you've had too much time together. You've put in hours of work to polish everything. You've toyed around with different fonts, images, descriptions, animations.... 

Yeah. I know. 

And all that work makes it almost  for you to know how a client—who has never seen your portfolio in their life—is going to respond when they first see it.

Will they love it?

Will they hate it?

Will it make sense?

It's really hard to know.

That is, until know. Because for a small fee, I'm willing to review your portfolio. And I'm not talking about some cheap, checkbox review. I'm talking about really looking at your portfolio like a client would.

See, I've been a client. So I know what clients are looking for when they search for a creative freelance type.

And I'll tell you right now, there are some things that just turn us clients off from the get-go. Things you might be doing.

You've spent so much time making this thing perfect, let's go the last mile together—or kilometer if you're in the UK 😉—and get this done right.

When you sign up for a critique, you'll get:

  • A list of 10+ highly actionable, highly impactful improvements you can make
  • Zero fluff and very little praise. Look, we already know you're awesome. Let's get you some clients.
  • Access to me personally. I've been reviewing freelancer's portfolios since 2009. I know what works and what doesn't.
  • Unlimited follow-up emails so you can ask anything you could ever dream of.
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Professional Portfolio Critique

0 ratings
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